Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Where did the Time go?

So as I was sitting in church on Sunday, I realized that Rob and I have been in our home for 4 years! Crazy huh? Well, if you don't think that it as been that long let me remind you that when we moved into our home I was 9 months pregnant with Lucas! It was quite the sight seeing me push boxes around with my big belly in front of me all the while getting yelled at by people to take it easy! ( But I have OCD, and like things to be organized). I love our home, we have been doing little things to it to make it better, like painting! I mean my family room was a deep red and the hallways were a nacho color! Yuck! But we have since taken care of that and still have more to do, but it will have to wait till we have more time and money but until then we are just making memories that are free and last forever!

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The Shane's said...

Your home is beautiful! And so are you!